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Megan’s influence as a speaker comes from her willingness to honestly explore human interactions, including her own (warts and all), making the reality of the most difficult relationships okay to think and talk about. An educator of human behavior, she reaches out to audiences to draw them in. The result = life-changing insights that everyone can apply to themselves and their relationships.

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Bill’s authority as a speaker draws on his unique combination of science and the law. He developed the groundbreaking “high conflict personality theory”, bringing to light a new way to identify and work with the most difficult “difficult” people. The result = a revolutionary way to transforming our interactions with those same people.


If you are interested in scheduling an event with Bill or Megan, please submit the inquiry form below. We need to know just a little information to get a better idea of your event. It won’t take us long to respond.



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Need help deciding whether the person you’re dating or want to date may have a high-conflict personality? It’s hard to see if you’re already in the relationship. Megan and Bill can help you take the blinders off.

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Bill and Megan consult with organizations to actions plans on university campuses, law enforcement, churches, schools, the workplace and just about anyone anywhere who needs to educate their organizations about safe and unsafe relationships.

If you’d like to talk with Bill and Megan about how they can help you, please send us the details below. We’ll get back to you pretty quickly.